How to Create Your Own Junior Jewels Shirt 2023?

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How to Create Your Own Junior Jewels Shirt?

In Taylor Swift’s 2009 music video, “You Belong With Me,” she sported a unique T-shirt with the phrase “Junior Jewels” boldly displayed on the front. This handcrafted shirt was actually borrowed from her fiddle player, Caitlin Evanson, who cherished it as a keepsake from her band camp days. The shirt also featured the signatures of Evanson’s fellow campers. Inspired by Taylor Swift, many fans now enjoy making their own version of the Junior Jewels shirt to wear at concerts and Taylor Swift events. Here’s how you can create your own:


  • Permanent markers in various colors
  • Blue fabric paint
  • Three small paint brushes
  • Oversized white T-shirt
  • Yellow fabric paint
  • Black puffy fabric paint
  • Cardboard shirt form
  • Red fabric paint


  1. Place the cardboard shirt form inside the T-shirt to keep it flat and prevent the fabric paint from seeping through.
  2. Use black puffy fabric paint to write the word “Junior” across the chest of the shirt in approximately 6-inch letters. Underneath, write the word “Jewels” in equally large letters. Create small triangular peaks all around the neckline of the shirt using the black puffy paint. Each triangle’s bottom should be around 1 inch. Allow the black paint to dry overnight.
  3. Paint alternating triangles of yellow, red, and blue around the front neckline of the shirt, starting from the shoulder. Let the paint dry for three hours.
  4. Trace around the words “Junior Jewels” with a black permanent marker.
  5. Flip the shirt over and color the triangles around the back neckline with the same alternating colors.
  6. Remove the cardboard shirt form and put on the finished shirt. Invite your friends to sign it using pens.

Enjoy your personalized Junior Jewels shirt, just like Taylor Swift’s iconic style!

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